Parqul provides valuable insights that help you to protect and grow your business with 24/7 monitoring on any company in China.

Parqul offers the following company information:

  • Shareholders and shareholder percentage
  • Directors and supervisory board members
  • Legal representative
  • Equity pledges
  • Real estate ownership
  • Litigation processes
  • Court rulings
  • Main staff
  • Branch addresses
  • Ultimate beneficiary owners
  • Government penalties
  • Environmental penalties
  • Tax violations
  • Ongoing government investigations
  • Annual report
  • Intellectual property rights

Parqul helps businesses better understand clients, prospects, suppliers, and more.

Empowering you with the detailed business insights that are needed every day for building safer, risk-conscious relationships whilst growing your business.

Full Company Ownership Structures

Browse the company ownership structures

Whether you’re looking to browse through real-time shareholder insights or learn about complex corporate group structures, Parqul is the ideal service to explore and understand ownership structures, highlighting links between companies and shareholders that would otherwise be missed.

Gain a thorough understanding of shareholder ownership

Discover who the people behind a company are, learn how many shares they hold, and what type, to understand every percentage owned of a company.

Financial Accounts

Explore years of financial accounts

Understand company performances, with comprehensive financial accounts. Including Cash Flow, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheets, as well as Percentage and Ratios.

Company Directors & Secretaries

Understand the people behind the company

Understand director positions completely
Learn about the people behind a company, including nationality, date of birth and their roles within the company.

Government licenses

Understand the government licenses that were granted to your target company. Parqul monitors:

  • won tender bids
  • import and export license
  • land transfers
  • telecommunication licenses
  • taxpayer certificates
  • food safety license
  • property licenses

Legal disputes

Parqul monitors the following information:

  • Current and past judicial cases
  • Court rulings
  • Court announcement
  • Judicial auctions
  • Equity freezes
  • Pre-litigation mediation
  • Case Filing Information

Government penalties

Get updates on your target company’s:

  • Violations of the law
  • Administrative penalties
  • Environmental penalties
  • Tax violations
  • Product recalls

Intellectual Property Rights

Parqul monitors the following information:

  • Patents
  • Trademarks
  • Copyrights
  • WeChat public profiles
  • Compliance certificates
  • Internet Content Provider filled websites

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Very happy with this service. Up to date information extremely user friendly website.
Neville Taylor

Good info. Useful tool. Great customer service.


Data laid out nicely and easy-to-understand.

Akthair Hussain

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Parqul Reports anonymous?
All Parqul searches and monitoring services are anonymous. Unlike consumer credit, each business search leaves no footprint, meaning the target company will never know a check was performed.

Can I use Parqul Reports to make credit decisions?
Absolutely. We provide you with the real-time insights for a company, including information for background checks like registered address, financial accounts, official complaints and court judgements.

How soon can I access my Parqul Report?
We update our data continuously. Once purchased, it will take three business days to send you the report.

In which countries can I use Parqul?
Today, we offer insights and monitoring services for companies in China.

Do you have an API?
Our API protocol is in development.